PHP Yorkshire

I help organise PHP Yorkshire, the only PHP conference in the north of England, based in York, now in its third year. After helping in the first year, I was asked to do more things for the second year.

Things I do for the conference include:

  • Look after the speakers in the run up to, and during, the conference weekend by organising transport to/from the train station, making sure speakers know what to expect, and answering questions
  • Help choose the conference schedule
  • Writing marketing material (including emails and tweets) and informational emails to delegates
  • In the 2nd year, stepping in as track host. Ensuring speaker is there and prepared, ensuring the talk starts and finishes on time, introducing the speaker, sorting out any issues during the talk
  • Being a visible point of contact for the Code of Conduct, and working with the rest of the organising team to deal with any violations
  • Helping welcome delegates to the conference at the registration desk


Patch:Manchester is a monthly usergroup/meetup with the aim of increasing open source contributions. We meet once a month (last monday of the month!), and do some work on either the featured project, or any other project we like.

Responsibilities include:

  • General, Twitter and technw calendar administration
  • Liaising with Madlab, our venue hosts
  • Working with other usergroup organisers/stakeholders within the Manchester tech scene
  • Welcoming new members to the meetings

Meetup page — we meet 7pm on the last Monday of every month, at Madlab Edge Street. (frontend rewrite) is an event feedback site which allows conference and meetup attendees to provide feedback to event organisers and speakers.

Back in 2013, it was decided that the project was in need of a complete rewrite of its frontend, to make use of newer standards and technologies that weren't around when the original frontend was written.

The new site solely connects to the backend API for data, and is built using the light-weight Slim framework, Bootstrap, and Redis.

I was involved in the initial stages of the rewrite as the project lead, pushing forward on making the rewrite happen, and initiating discussions on the tech stack.

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