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Elephone (now with.love) is a startup company, creating a social platform to allow the community to share items that they love.

Working with PHP (Zend 2), Continuous Integration (Hudson/Vagrant), and Unit Testing (PHPUnit). Working to Scrum methodology.

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Dan was consulting and developing software for us. He is a very professional and efficient server side developer. Dan is extremely talented as a Scrum Master and in managing the development process in a health manner. Most importantly he is honest, straightforward and very opinionated


joind.in (frontend rewrite)

Joind.in is an event feedback site which allows conference and meetup attendees to provide feedback to event organisers and speakers.

Back in 2013, it was decided that the project was in need of a complete rewrite of its frontend, to make use of newer standards and technologies that weren't around when the original frontend was written.

The new site solely connects to the backend API for data, and is built using the light-weight Slim framework, Bootstrap, and Redis.

I was involved in the initial stages of the rewrite as the project lead, pushing forward on making the rewrite happen, and initiating discussions on the tech stack.

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